Executive Summary

Executive Summary and Profile

With effect from 01 May 2021, K2 International LLC (K2I) successfully completed its integration with sister company GSI Business Services Inc (GSI) for all global operations. The revised company, now trading as K2 International LLC, continues to honor all existing contracts of both former companies.
With its headquarters located in Washington DC, and regional offices in Iraq (Green Zone, Baghdad), Kazakhstan (Atyrau), and Tunisia (covering Libya), K2 International LLC (K2I) is staffed by a team of seasoned expats, Host Country Nationals (HCNs) and Third Country Nationals (TCNs) who have been delivering projects in the Middle East (CENTCOM region) since 2004; the team has accumulated more than fifty years of combined project experience in civil engineering, construction management, security, life support and logistics, training and mentoring host nation nationals, earned value management and contract management.
K2I’s expat team has proven experience in the most extreme regions of the Middle East and have worked under some of the most challenging conditions. They are well known to the decision makers of the US Government organizations in Iraq and enjoy an excellent reputation.
K2I’s owner lives between Baghdad and Washington and has local language capabilities which allows for intense interaction with the local subcontractors and workers. The owner is no stranger to the Middle East as she has permanently lived in such areas as North Africa and Jordan for over 30 years. Her work in such areas as sales, agriculture, oil and construction for the past 25 years in the region has given her strong business and government relations in various countries in that area.
The K2I team can also draw upon its skills in performing the demanding administrative side of government and private entity construction contracts. Internationally accepted program and project management practices are utilized.
Complimenting this core group of expat management professionals K2I has access to a number of sub-contractors capable to execute works in most of the core fields in construction, engineering and technical services.
The K2I design team covers all disciplines of engineering: civil, electrical and mechanical, as well as architectural and design services.
Together this team has delivered projects in multiple OIF sectors, including power transmission and distribution, security and justice, and Government of Iraq (GOI) / Ministry of Defense (MOD) Iraq Army Brigade facilities; the value of these managed projects ranged from $10M substations to a $34M Iraq Infantry Brigade camp.
In addition to these projects, the engineering team and Iraqi subcontractors recently delivered two force protection projects, designed and installed electrical and sewage projects for the US Embassy in Baghdad.
K2I has accomplished USAID projects including design-build housing units with integrated overhead protection – a project which saved the US Government in excess of $13M.
Other contracts with USAID include the refurbishment of their potable water supply system as well as the repair and extension of their sewage system and sewage treatment plant and many other construction projects.
K2I/SARCO successfully completed a specially designed, first class containerized housing unit project at the Kirkuk Regional Air Base for the US Department of State. This project included providing the entire infrastructure, ground works as well as the layout and installation of the power supply of the camp. The project also included the design, layout and construction of the helipad.
With a team of 70+ staff including Expats, HCNs and TCNs, K2I has handled O&M contracts for USAID, UN mission to Iraq (UNAMI), the Australian Embassy, and the Italian Embassy.
Committed to safety first, K2I’s dedicated on-site construction managers have completed OSHA safety certification and have been thoroughly vetted by means of their extensive engineering and construction experience in country.
Well versed in United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) construction management requirements, K2I applies orthodox project management tools for cost and schedule baseline management to ensure good stewardship of its resources.
Chief among these tools is the utilization of resource loaded, critical path method scheduling, daily safety and coordination meetings and weekly progress meetings with the client as required or requested.
K2I is committed to responsive corporate behavior that will result in meeting or exceeding the USACE expectations. To achieve this result, K2I promotes decentralized decision making – K2I’s vetted on-site professionals are empowered with decision making authority that commits the resources of the company.
K2I has a major operation in the Green Zone, Baghdad and it is registered with the Iraqi Ministry of Trade.