About Us

Who We Are

K2 International is a globally oriented US company based in Virginia with corporate headquarters in Washington, DC. K2 is a woman owned entity with more than 65 combined years of overseas operational experience specializing in supply, construction management, design and maintenance.

K2’s unique experience as an international operator allows us to  leverage the local work force and supply chain to build and maintain facilities using the highest level of standards through boots on the ground training, oversight and mentoring.

Working Together

By partnering with leading companies in their specialist sectors, K2 International creates bespoke management teams specific to task. Flexibility and rapid response are our keywords for providing the optimum solution to our client’s requirements. With our global network of expertise in supply and project management, we deliver on time, on budget, every time.

Our unique experience in operating under extreme conditions makes us uniquely qualified to take on construction and supply projects anywhere in the world and bring value to our partnerships.

Why Choose K2 International?

We specialize in retaining the best multinational talent in our bespoke management teams. For each project we perform a tailor fit K2 management team is assembled with unique qualifications and experience based on your exact needs. Choose K2 when you need more than a one size fits all solution. Our clients choose us when they need an experienced international team of operators who can get the job done under any condition on time and within budget.